About us

Amifurnishings Store is specialize in manufacturing and selling rugs. With our passion and experience in rugs, we are performing our best to create more ideas in designing and improving our rugs day by day.

Started as a small business, we are now coming out from traditional brick and mortal store to an online store to provide our product to more and more customers in all states of the US. We keep our core value of selecting rugs for living space while woking on building a good practice of online shop in local.

We believe that every rug has its own soul. We are sending a message to our valued customer through our design and color, in which contains a positive energy, a nature touch and customer’s daily favorite. With all our thought, we believe that every customer can find the suitable rug when reaching out to us.

Our goal is to bring out the freshness and comfortable living space by rug. Rug is not only a piece of fabric but also a story teller, a friend of yours and be your favorite images every time you home back your sweet home.

Should you need to contact us for further information or support, please send us your email to support@amifurnishings.com.

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